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Commercial Contracts

For all businesses, the commercial agreements that they have in place with their customers and suppliers are critical.


We draw up, review and negotiate the commercial agreements that underpin our clients’ businesses and the commercial deals that our clients are working on.

These agreements help the day to day business run smoothly, allowing our clients to focus on growing their business.

We help our clients to make their commercial and business ventures a success by helping them to maximise opportunities and exploit gains, whilst at the same time also helping them to assess and mitigate commercial risks and minimise the consequences of any downside.

We advise clients of all types and sizes ranging from entrepreneurs, as well as start-up and early stage companies, as they seek to establish and develop their businesses, right through to large multi-nationals, on a full range of commercial contracts.

These include contracts for the sale and supply of goods and/or services (B2B and B2C), procurement, e-commerce, agency and distribution arrangements, as well as outsourcing, franchising, sponsorship, licence and concession agreements.

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