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While for many people sport remains primarily about passion and entertainment, sport has now also become big business.


Cutting edge technology is being used not only to build winning teams but also to enhance the fan experience both in their homes and as spectators in stadia and arenas.

At the same time, businesses in all fields are turning to sport to drive awareness of their products and services and to drive exponential growth in brand awareness and affinity. 

Our lawyers have significant experience of advising clients right across the sports industry, ranging from governing bodies and federations, sports clubs and associations, individual athletes and sports personalities, brands, rights holders, agencies and intermediaries (across a number of different sports).


We  advise  on  the  regulation of  sport  (including governance

and compliance), as well as on the protection and exploitation

of commercial rights in sport (including licensing, merchandising, sponsorship and commercial arrangements) and on the organisation and management of sports events.

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